“Unconditional love really exists in each of us. It is part of our deep inner being. It is not so much an active emotion as a state of being. It’s not ‘I love you’ for this or that reason, not ‘I love you if you love me.’ It’s love for no reason, love without an object."
Ram Dass


My journey to you

Daniel was born and raised in Sandy Utah, currently practicing in the heart of Sugarhouse. From a young age he was curious about the mystical nature of life, discovering energy healing in his 20th year on this planet he began a journey that would lead him into the depths of self-discovery. A moment of awakening during a psychedelic experience that left the repeating thought “There’s more to life than what you’ve been shown, go find it." The very next week he discovered Reiki, on January 1st 2000 he received his first attunement. Over the following several years he practiced and participated in holding a weekly Reiki circle where he had the opportunity to touch, teach and learn from many. Receiving Master/Teacher training in 2003 he began teaching.

Daniel has worked deeply with Reiki over the past 20 years. In 2016 Daniel graduated from Healing Mountain Massage School in an attempt to walk away from his corporate position of 12 years. Bodywork was a natural process and assisted in deepening his practice of touch. Daniel currently teaches Reiki 1 & 2, Swedish massage and Craniosacral at Healing Mountain. Daniel has also been trained and certified in Craniosacral therapy from the Milne institute in 2017. He has also received Ascension training with Ishaya monks, Archangel connecting, he has practiced mindfulness meditation, and taken online courses including No Death No Fear &  Alchemy of the Heart through Ram Dass. Daniel has a unique approach to holding space to allow his clients the ability to discover their healing and influencing the souls movement towards the inner journey. He seeks to assist in the deepening of the practice, healing and overall wellness of every student and client that feels called to work with him. 

Patience. Pause. Practice.©

My Vision

Creating a practice is essential for discovering the your path to healing. Patience, pause and practice is my approach to leading my clients into their own healing, giving them the tools to approach, clear and conquer many of the day to day blocks that create dysfunction within the mind/body connection. Subtle body work begins to allow the body to find ease. 

Patience is the capacity to accept  and tolerate stress or suffering without getting angry or upset. Discovering patience for self is the first step towards your healing path, then patience for the process of healing, healing self is not a simple task, or a one time session.

Pause means to interrupt action or speech briefly, with the subtle blend of Craniosacral and Reiki we work together to bring the body into a state of stillness, to pause and allow your central nervous system, fascia, and skeletal structure to let go and find space.

Practice, to perform an activity or exercise a skill repeatedly or regularly in order to improve or maintain one's proficiency. Through the consistency of 5 sessions over 5 weeks you will begin to see and experience through embodiment of the patience and pause a shift in your perception, an experience of grace and gratitude. 

My goal is to assist my clients in the process of ripening through a spiritual practice and a quiet awakening of the heart.